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What Patients Are Saying

"I found Dr. Kibler to be charming and extremely competent. I had a toenail growing into the side of my toe which had been painful off and on for several years. He explained what he would do, did it in a minimum amount of time and caused me no pain. I was able to go to a Zumba class within 48 hours.

Robyn Smith

"A great experience, will go back"


"Dr. Kibler is a great doctor!!! easy to talk to, honest, professional, detailed and skilled!!! He has twice saved me from losing my leg and I am in his debt!!! MY HIGHEST PRAISE!!!"

Keith Leasure

"Dr. Kibler was my fifth foot & ankle surgeon. The previous ones had tried boots, medications, shots, and orthotics. Dr. Kibler diagnosed my problem before he took an x-ray; the subsequent x-ray confirmed that he was correct. The problem was a foot defect which had caused ankle bone to become imbedded in the tendon. The problem escalated while the other doctors were experimenting; by the time Dr Kibler found the problem, massive reconstructive foot surgery was necessary with 4 surgical sites involved. Dr Kibler was so skilled that, after 2 days, when the bandages were removed, there was no bruising or swelling. Additionally, Dr Kibler was so caring and attentive, checking on me, personally and by phone, while in the hospital. This doctor is tops in ever way.

Name Witheld

"New to the area & had an emergency and Dr. scheduled next day early am appointment . Staff and Doctor were very caring and professional. Assessed the problem & took immediate action. Explained what he was going to do then and what course of action was needed to cure future problems. Scheduled an appt few days later to check on healing progress and start future course of action needed. Would highly recommend this caring Doctor and his staff."

Name Witheld

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